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Time To Panic?!

January 9, 2012 5 comments

Let’s review our season so far – just briefly – and see what’s really going on. 25 games played, 6th place, 39 points from 75 available. Eight points behind league leaders Southampton and 20 points ahead of relegation-threatened Coventry City, bottom of the league.

But we’ve just lost two in a row so is it, time to panic?

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The Kebe Conundrum

November 6, 2011 11 comments

Jimmy Kebe. Sometimes brilliant, sometimes frustrating, sometimes our best player, sometimes our worst, always inconsistent. The ‘Malian Magician’ has reportedly refused to sign a new contract at Reading as Nicky Hammond told the Reading Post:

“With Jimmy we have made him an extremely good offer for this football club. However, the feedback I have had is that he won’t sign it.”

So, it’s at this point we consider our options. After the jump I’ll reveal my thoughts on the situation.

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