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Mad Stad Legends – Brynjar Gunnarsson

Welcome to the first of what we’re hoping will be a week long look at some of the ‘legends’ of the Madejski Stadium era. Each day one of our writers will be picking out one player who they think deserves the tag of legend and at the end of the week we invite you to pick out your favourite. Today, Mike Terry looks at our current longest serving player Brynjar Gunnarsson

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Going for a Song?

August 5, 2011 2 comments

As the season starts, amongst the many things supporters wonder about or the forthcoming year, there’s the minor issue of what music the team will come out of the tunnel to.   This seems to vary from season to season and sometimes even within a season, and the fact that it seems to change so much is constant source of irritation to me – although I may, of course, be on my own here, so this is very much a personal view! Read more…

The Play-off Ticket Experience – Part Two

June 23, 2011 4 comments

Yesterday we looked at the experiences of those who bought play-off final tickets in person at the Madejski Stadium, as reported to The Tilehurst End in the survey we ran in the weeks before the final.  Those experiences were almost universally positive praising the whole ticket-buying process and especially the efficiency of Sales Centre staff.

Today, in the second part of this four-part series, we look at the experiences of those who purchased tickets by phone from the ticketing agency TicketZone.   And if you’re wondering what the other two parts are, tomorrow we’ll look at those who purchased tickets from Ticketzone over the internet, and then we’ll tie these three strands together with an analysis of the whole tickets system, how it came about and what we’re doing with the survey results.

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Field of dreams? – The story of the playing surface of the Madejski Stadium

June 16, 2011 1 comment

June 16, 2011

Reading FC, Madejski Stadium

What have Reading, Anderlecht, Arsenal and the Green Bay Packers got in common?

The answer is all of these clubs stadium have a pitch system which is 3% plastic and 97% grass. Reading’s Madejski Stadium was one of the first stadiums in the country to employ this technology that was even used at the world cup last year in South Africa. Below, we’ll take a look at the technology and how effective it is, and how it makes a difference to you and me sat in our seats.

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Play-Off Final Tickets – How was it for you?

May 24, 2011 Leave a comment

At The Tilehurst End we’re interested in getting a much better idea of how the process of buying Play-Off final tickets was for everyone – both good and bad!   We know some people experienced problems, but we want to get a better idea of just how widespread this was.  We’re already in contact with Reading FC, the Football League, Ticketzone and Wembley, and we’d like to be able to tell them – objectively –  how it all went for everyone (good and bad) rather than give them a list of problems.   So we’ve put together a quick survey to help us with this.
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How to make a small fortune from football. (Part Three)

April 5, 2011 1 comment

In part one of this article I discussed the unique set of factors that have come together at Reading FC and have created a situation where Sir John Madejski has been able to defy conventional wisdom and make money out of owning a football club.  These key factors are finding a football club that’s relatively run-down and without significant debts , which can bought relatively cheaply; the presence of a co-operative local council to enable land purchase and ease planning permission; a suitable location in an affluent area with good communication links; and taking a long term view and investing in infrastructure rather than gambling success on big money players.

In the second part I went through the actual numbers involved, and showed that the sum owed to Sir John on the club’s balance sheet in the form of Chairman’s Loan is now £25.8M – the terms of which are heavily weighted to the advantage of the football club.  Now it’s time to tie those two strands together and to look at how Sir John can turn his investment into an actual profit.  Because the obvious point, and his biggest problem right now, is that he makes no money or realises none of his profit whilst his investment is tied up in the club.

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How to make a small fortune from football. (Part Two)

April 1, 2011 2 comments

Yesterday in the first part of this article I talked in general terms about the four unique factors surrounding Reading FC which enabled Sir John Madejski to work a miracle and make money out of owning a football club.  These were that the club was relatively run-down and without significant debts so could be bought relatively cheaply; the presence of a co-operative local council which would provide land and planning permission without significant difficulties; a suitable location in an affluent area; and taking a long term view and investing in infrastructure.

Today, as promised, I’ll delve more deeply into this, and look at the actual numbers involved so we can get an idea of just what this investment was and its likely value now.
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