The Royals Post Podcast

Hello all,

Back in 2008 Reading had just been beaten at home to a then struggling Southampton side.

In the pub afterwards the usual debate was raging.

What’s going on? And where can we change things? Who should we blame, the manager or players?

I’ve always enjoyed these discussions and all of the differing opinions and agreements for and against.

And it was on that day that I thought ‘Why doesn’t someone convert this fan debate into a podcast?’ Made by fans for fans?

As luck would have it, a website were advertising for just that.

So I rung my friend Paul Williams and asked for his help to get everything off the ground.

Not only is Paul a good mate and of course another Royals fan for more than 25 years, but we rarely agree on anything.

With no experience or knowledge, we set about writing and producing a podcast that would appeal to fans old and young, home and abroad – with a blend of present and past stories and most of all – true fan opinion.

After an action-packed 96 shows recorded from my dining room – sometimes with the washing-machine accidently whirling around in the background – we have become well-known with loyal Royals up and down the country and even as far away as Australia, America, Hong Kong and beyond.

For over 90 episodes we had the podcast over on Football Fancast, and we’ll still be putting the odd episode and special up there.

But now we are looking forward to bringing our show to an even wider audience of Reading fans.

And we also have lots of other ideas we hope to implement to make the podcast even better as the seasons go on.

Thanks to the Post we are looking forward to developing our product and bringing fans an even more professional show than in the previous three years of production.

We contacted the Reading Post’s Royals reporter Jonny Fordham and he joined us to give us an extra edge in the 2009/10 season.

That has also enabled us to feature in-depth and insightful interviews with former Royals stars Ady Williams, Michael Gilkes and Dylan Kerr.

The aim was always to provide the fans with a true voice. No spin and certainly no gloss.

No-one here is on the club’s pay-roll, so we speak freely and frankly – just like you would with your mates on the terraces or down the pub.

We’re excited about bringing our weekly shows to the Reading Post and getreading and look forward to hearing from our new and loyal listeners throughout the season.

Stay tuned to the Get Reading website and The Tilehurst End for information about the latest episode of the podcast.

You can also subscribe automatically via itunes here

Meantime if you want to get in touch please do so via twitter @readingpost or with the subject line ‘Royals Post Podcast’.

  1. Stu
    May 25, 2011 at 5:34 pm

    I love this podcast – great insights with a bit of controversy. But where’s the playoff final edition?

  1. April 10, 2011 at 8:35 pm

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